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INFYNITY by Metalmontaggi, a new division specialized in the design, supply and installation of coatings for building envelopes and furnishings for indoor and outdoor, is the result of the long experience of over 17 years in the production and assembly of fixtures, doors and partitions.

Constantly looking for solutions, innovative and design materials, which can contribute to reducing energy consumption and amplifying the thermal insulation performance of industrial and residential buildings (including the most famous HPL, aluminum composite panels, ceramic slabs, insulating metal panels, expanded mesh), INFYNITY boasts partnerships with some of the most important manufacturers of materials, structural systems and fastening parts designed for architectural coatings: Trespa, Alucobond, Laminam, Elcom System, Hilti. All leading companies in their sector which can guarantee maximum collaboration and technical support.

To enhance and energetically redevelop any civil and industrial building at 360 °, INFYNITY makes use of the consolidated collaboration with a team of engineers, architects, designers, renderers, able to follow every client from the inspection phase to the design phase, up to installation and testing.

Over time INFYNITY by Metalmontaggi has also specialized in the supply and assembly of modular systems for public spaces, partition walls and glass doors, with the collaboration of two well-established companies in the Pesaro area: Geometryka and Tema.

INFYNITY also offers custom-made furnishing solutions. Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most prestigious Made-in-Italy and European manufacturers of indoor and outdoor furniture (chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas and various furnishing accessories) and through the use of their certified products, of design and high quality we can enhance, enhance and make unique all the environments of intervention.

Clients and customers in Italy and Europe rely on the experience and know-how of INFYNITY by Metalmontaggi to renovate their furnishings and design new indoor and outdoor spaces for hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, large retail spaces, schools, museums, conference rooms, private homes.


In renovation, redevelopment and new construction projects, INFYNITY suggests the HPL panels (High Pressure Laminate) from TRESPA®, our partner, undisputed market leader and one among the main innovators in the world in the field of high pressure laminates for exteriors .

In fact, HPL panels from TRESPA® are particularly suitable for the external cladding of facades, balconies, sunshades, soffits and other applications, as they offer considerable advantages: solid, robust, resistant to impact, scratches, atmospheric agents, keep the color stable , require little maintenance and cleaning. They are also extremely versatile, uniform, high density in all their parts, easily workable, can be drilled and can be treated as hardwood. Customizable and easy to install, TRESPA® panels permit to save time and design costs, and they are guaranteed for 10 years

TRESPA® HPL is a compact, high-pressure laminate (HPL) decorative panel, with an integrated decorative surface, made by using the exclusive EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology, and "in-house" Dry Forming (DF) from Trespa. From the combination, up to 70% of wood-based fibers and thermosetting resins, produced under high pressure and high temperature conditions, gives rise to a highly stable and dense panel, with a good weight-resistance ratio.

The wide range of colors, finishes, sizes and thicknesses of panels and slats for outdoors, of the lines TRESPA®Meteon, TRESPA®Izeon, TRESPA Pura NFC®, and TRESPA®TopLab indoor environments, allow INFYNITY to propose innovative and design ventilated facade systems with a high aesthetic impact, which go beyond the design functionality.

Through the solution of the ventilated façade , INFYNITY guarantees the building high energy efficiency and long life. The insulation gap helps protect people leaving inside , from the heat in summer, from cold in winter and contributes to the removal of moisture. The remarkable performance of TRESPA® panels helps to make the building waterproof, dry and well insulated, creating a comfortable and healthy environment in which to live and work.

Panels of TRESPA®Meteon line are available in two classes: standard type (EDS: not available in all regions of the world) and flame retardant type (EDF). Their excellent reaction to fire has been classified by authorized certification bodies around the world (FR - Fire Retardant). In case of fire, the panels maintain their stability for a long time: they do not melt, do not drip, do not explode.

With HPL panels from TRESPA®, INFYNITY is able to stimulate the creativity of any customer and transform dreams and architectural projects into a timeless reality.

Trespa® Meteon®è un rivestimento versatile per facciate ventilate innovative e funzionali, balconi e soluzioni frangisole , sia per applicazioni orizzontali come soffitti per esterni.. I pannelli Trespa® Meteon® possono essere utilizzati da soli o in combinazione con altri materiali. Sono perfetti per creare effetti unici, per definire l'aspetto di un edificio e sottolinearne le qualità.


Disponibile in una grande varietà di colori, finiture, formati e spessori ( Metallics, Wood Decors, Naturals, Uni Colour, Focus, Lumen ) , Trespa® Meteon® presenta eccezionali qualità estetiche e possibilità progettuali pressoché illimitate per i rivestimenti architettonici di ultima generazione. Tutti i prodotti della gamma sono coperti da una garanzia condizionata di 10 anni.


Trespa® Meteon® ha prestazioni eccezionali all'aperto e conserva per molti anni le sue caratteristiche estetiche. Sole e pioggia non hanno effetti rilevanti sulla superficie dei pannelli.

La superficie chiusa di Trespa® Meteon® resiste in pratica all’accumulo dello sporco, mantenendo il prodotto liscio e facile da pulire.


Trespa® Meteon® è altamente resistente agli urti e ai graffi. I pannelli sono uniformi, ad alta densità in tutte le loro parti, sono facilmente lavorabili e possono essere trattati come legno duro.  Trespa Pura NFC®- doghe per applicazioni domestiche e commerciali - (natural fibre core) è un rivestimento per esterni espressamente studiato per applicazioni residenziali. Disponibile in sei gradevoli finiture legno matt, è fornito in un pratico formato, a doga, pretagliato

Schede Tecniche

1 - Trespa Pura NFC Scheda Tecnica prodotto

2 - Trespa System700_fissaggio a vista con rivetti su ss in alluminio

3 - Trespa TS550 Fissaggio semi-visibile con linguette metalliche su ss in legno

4 - Trespa Meteon Scheda tecnica prodotto

5 - Trespa Pura NFC technical sheet

6 - Trespa Soluzioni angolari

7 - Trespa TS150 fissaggio a vista con viti ss in legno

8 - Trespa TS200 fissaggio a scomparsa con aggraffatura su alluminio

9 - Trespa TS400 fissaggio a scomparsa a incollaggio su ss in alluminio o legno


A product with extraordinary characteristics through which INFYNITY, by applying the building technique of ventilated façade, can to combine high energy efficiency, economy, architectural quality and design. Used all over the world for facade cladding, ALUCOBOND®, INFYNITY's partner brand, is a composite panel consisting of two aluminum sheets coupled to a mineral core.

Thanks to its composite structure, this panel is able to take many forms, wrapping the building structure like a second skin. ALUCOBOND® slab stands out for its extraordinary characteristics such as: plasticity, flatness, stability, lightness and weather resistance. The excellent resistance to bending and loads allows the panels to remain dimensionally stable and planar even in the presence of extreme thermal oscillations.

PVDF painting guarantees the resistance of the colors to atmospheric agents and UV rays, preserving the original color and brilliance over time. ALUCOBOND® panels also need low maintenance: the special fluoropolymer based pigments allow rainwater to flow smoothly over the surface by dragging away the deposited dirt.

In its range of thicknesses, finishes and colors (mat, metallized, iridescent, with anodized, brushed and wood effect), ALUCOBOND® can also be customized and printed on a drawing provided by the customer. Often used in the naval and marine environment due to its high resistance to corrosion, it is at the same time a safe product with an excellent fire behavior (Fire Protection Class B-s1, d0); the slabs can also be supplied in the ALUCOBOND®A2 version, non-flammable.

For applications in the field of partition walls, plans for screen printing machines, light containers, machinery booths, lifting platforms and elevators, scaffolding, stages, INFYNITY uses ALUCORE ®, an aluminum honeycomb composite panel coupled by a continuous viscoelastic process .

Light , rigid with excellent fire resistance (B s1, d0), unalterable over time and fully recyclable, ALUCORE ®, sums up lightness and excellent static load capacity. Its resistance to delamination is 5 times higher than that of a common honeycomb panel.

The ALUCOBOND and ALUCORE ® panels allow INFYNITY design achievements and coatings at the same time extremely simple to install.

Tra i materiali di grande ispirazione in architettura troviamo ALUCOBOND® PLUS , pannello composito costituito da due lamine di copertura in alluminio e un nucleo minerale . Di ampio utilizzo nel rivestimento di facciate continue e ventilate , avvolge come una seconda pelle la struttura dell'edificio.


ALUCOBOND® A2 , come tutti i prodotti della famiglia ALUCOBOND®, è semplice da lavorare, resistente a intemperie, urti . Ma soprattutto in questa versione, è l'unico pannello composito in alluminio per architettura non infiammabile al mondo. Grazie al nucleo minerale ALUCOBOND® A2 soddisfa i rigorosissimi requisiti delle direttive antincendio ed amplia le possibilità di progettazione e concezione degli edifici.


ALUCOBOND® A2 , come tutti i prodotti della famiglia ALUCOBOND®, è semplice da lavorare, resistente a intemperie, urti . Ma soprattutto in questa versione, è l'unico pannello composito in alluminio per architettura non infiammabile al mondo. Grazie al nucleo minerale ALUCOBOND® A2 soddisfa i rigorosissimi requisiti delle direttive antincendio ed amplia le possibilità di progettazione e concezione degli edifici.


ALUCOBOND®rende possibili soluzioni innovative in tutti i campi dell'architettura : edilizia privata, edifici pubblici, sedi aziendali , uffici di rappresentanza , commerciali e industrie.  L’utilizzo di un sistema di verniciatura di altissima qualità garantisce la durabilità nel tempo dei colori e brillantezza. L'elevata resistenza alla corrosione lo vede di notevole utilizzo anche nel settore navale o in ambienti marini. I pannelli necessitano di bassa manutenzione : infatti gli speciali pignemnti a base di fluoropolimeri, permettono all'acqua piovana di scorrere sulla superficie trascinado via lo sporco che vi si deposita.

Schede Tecniche

1 - Aluminium profiles for Panels

2 - Specifica Tecnica di Capitolato

3 - Fire Classification

4 - Montaggio Sezione

5 - plus Specifica Tecnica di Capitolato

6 - Tray panel system, hooked on bolts - B=1250mm (02-2004)

7 - Tray panel system, hooked on bolts - B=1500mm (02-2004)

8 - Tray panel system, hooked on bolts - B=1500mm

9 - specifica tecnica di capitolato

10 - Montaggio Prospettiva

11 - scheda tecnica


The multiple construction requirements in the field of industrial, commercial, agricultural and housing construction are met by INFYNITY through the use of monolithic panels of our partner Elcom System, which allow the creation of original architectural facades with a strong innovative design, an aspect that has so far been neglected in the field of thermal insulation

This type of panel represents the best in the field of light prefabrication, and is also widely used in the construction of walls, cladding, partitions and ceilings.

The Umbrian production reality of Elcom System SpA has quickly established itself on the Italian and foreign market as a leading company in the field of prefabrication of monolithic panels, sandwich panels, ribbed sheets, destined for new construction and renovation..

The wide range of Elcom System products also includes the production of junction elements and special thermal break components.

The state-of-the-art facilities for the production of modular coordinated elements for prefabricated buildings and a constant program of refinement and improvement of their technologies, allow to create innovative products able to anticipate the times, anticipating solutions imposed by a market in continuous and rapid evolution.

The monolithic panels have also obtained the certification for the reaction to fire B-s2 d0, in accordance with the European standard EN 13501-1 and the certification for fire resistance EI 20 and REI 20 in accordance with the standard EN 13501-2.

The ranges with spherical, elliptical or variegated geometric shapes obtained by molding on the external side, allow INFYNITY to propose technological and innovative design solutions of coating, with an extraordinary architectural result, which continuously conquer the trust of our customers.


When it comes to large and minimum thickness ceramic slabs to be used on facade systems, on wall and floor coverings, on kitchen counter tops and bathroom furniture, tables, doors and partition walls, there is only one specialist and trusted partner for INFYNITY: the LAMINAM brand, an Italian company from Fiorano Modenese, founded in 2001, the first in the world to have industrialized the manufacturing process of this advanced product and to have patented its production technology.

LAMINAM porcelain stoneware slabs exist in 2 sizes: 1000x3000mm with a thickness of 3 and 5 mm and 1620x3240mm with a thickness of 12mm.

They are ideal for use in 3 main areas of application: as a coating for outdoors, in interior architecture and in furnishings thanks to their perfect flatness, extreme lightness and high resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays and usury.

Ultra thin and ultra-light these slabs offer high anti-stain and anti-scratch performance. Easily cleanable and hygienic, as they are non-absorbent, the slabs are natural and free of toxic substances.

LAMINAM is also able to offer the market the innovative Hydrotect® photocatalytic treatment that makes the sheets self-cleaning and anti-pollution, thus paying the utmost attention to the environment, a very important aspect for INFYNITY customers and clients.

The LAMINAM collection offers in its catalog 100 surfaces with ultramodern, industrial and three-dimensional textures. The eye catching palette is renewed from year to year to meet the growing market demand.

Natural and sophisticated tones that INFYNITY finds ideal to embellish its renovation and redevelopment works.

due formati prodotti: lastre 1000x3000mm,di spessori 3 e 5,6 mm, che trovano applicazione a pavimento per i rivestimenti e per le facciate esterne, e lastre 1620x3240mm di spessore 12 e 5,6 mm per i piani orizzontali di tavoli, top di cucina o bagno e adatte all'uso in edilizia..


Realizzata con tecnologie avanzate, unisce allo spessore ridotto e alle grandi dimensioni un’elevata resistenza alle sollecitazioni meccaniche, ai prodotti chimici, all’usura, ai graffi e all’abrasione profonda, è per sua natura igienico, resistente al gelo, al fuoco, alle muffe, all’azione dei raggi UV.


Tutte le caratteristiche e le proprietà cromatiche delle lastre sono inalterabili, restano immutate nel tempo e in presenza di ogni condizione atmosferica. Una lastra rivoluzionaria che non dimentica l’attenzione all’ambiente: materie prime naturali, tecnologia sostenibile, prodotti interamente riciclabili sono alla base della filosofia green di Laminam.